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CBD gummies have become one of America’s most popular food items. CBD gummies were among 2019’s most googled topics, topping even searches for popular buys such as shapewear and smartwatches.

As consumer knowledge regarding CBD has grown, so has the demand for this yummy, tasty treat. People love its transportability and the combination of trendy flavors along with traditional ones like strawberry, cherry, and peach. It’s also nostalgic and harkens back to a simpler and more childlike time in life.

Whatever the reason, CBD gummies have become an easy favorite. At PureKana, we’re dedicated to bringing the best CBD gummies to a variety of people from across all walks of life. And even though our consumer base is diverse, they all share one thing in common: Their love of CBD.

If you’ve ever wondered why CBD, or cannabidiol, is so popular, you’re not alone. Reports from across the nation all state and describe how CBD may benefit users. Whether it’s for relaxation or reduction of stress, CBD is rapidly becoming the go-to product.

How Do CBD Gummies Work?

 Besides being wonderfully tasty, CBD gummies have an important task: Delivering a punch of CBD. Users of CBD cite its relaxing effects and ability to reduce stress and calm aching, tired muscles.

To ensure consumers have high-quality CBD, we source our CBD from hemp, not whole-plant cannabis. Extracting from organically grown hemp plants results in safe, non-psychoactive CBD that can be used for a wide array of our products, including gummies. They can get a considerable boost of this compound in a discreet form that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night.

Due to our adherence to this methodology, our products are available for sale in a variety of areas. People from all walks of life can experience for themselves the wonders of CBD. Our gummies are in accordance with the federal standard of .03% THC. Users can enjoy our CBD and still partake in their daily tasks.

CBD gummies accomplish this by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is responsible for much of the body’s day-to-day processes, including signaling the brain for essential tasks like temperature and movement. Other critical functions regulated by the ECS include sleep, appetite, and reproduction.

The purpose of the ECS is to establish homeostasis. Homeostasis is the condition by which the body obtains an optimal level of function. This level of functioning needs to be fairly constant. Things like temperature, moisture, and other variables must be balanced, or system-wide failures would occur.

To keep this from happening, the body utilizes its own gauge that regulates and oversees various processes. The ECS manages this incredible feat through a network of nerve cells, and chemical messengers called endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are quite similar in structure to CBD. This allows CBD to support relaxation and calm without interrupting essential activities.

But…Are They Safe?

CBD gummies pose the same risk as most candies – too much can cause an upset stomach or other effects (we recommend 1-2 gummies per day). Some users have cited CBD as having some impact, although current research suggests that most side effects are minimal.

Hemp-derived CBD has been deemed to be safe for consumption. However, consumers are urged to follow any doctor-approved plans for treatment.

How We Make Our Gummies

It’s no big secret that we have an interest in quality, and this is what makes our gummies so good. We use high caliber vegan ingredients and extract premium CBD using a CO2 process that is efficient and effective. They are also low-carb and packed with simple ingredients, such as grape juice, tapioca syrup, and cane sugar.

We put 25 mg of CBD into each bottle. This allows for an ample, soothing amount of CBD that can relax and ease stress. Not only are our gummies delicious, but they are also third-party tested and verified. Some companies may claim they sell genuine CBD, but don’t be surprised if you’re only getting a hemp seed oil.

At PureKana, there’s no worry that you’re getting watered down or ineffective CBD. You’ll get results that showcase the work we put into making sure you get potency and value. In addition to thorough lab results, we also provide in-depth cannabinoid and pesticide reports.

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