What Are Some of The Benefits of Kratom?

While the majority tends to use kratom mainly for mild pain management and also as a recreational herb, its benefits extend well beyond the physical. The right type of strain may help you with depression and anxiety (to some level).

However, finding the right strain for the management of anxiety/depression is not as easy as you may think.

Essentially, there are three main kratom strains –

  • White Veinsss
  • Red Vein
  • Green Vein

Each of these has different properties and therapeutic benefits to offer.

Best Kratom For Depression

Depression, as most of us know, is a state of feeling dull, not wanting to do anything. A lack of interest in things that you normally find interesting; coupled with a dooming sense of detachment from the world and lack of energy are all signs of depression.

Best kratom for depression is the one that can cheer you up and improve your focus levels. To that end, a quality White Kratom (specifically White Borneo) could do wonders. Just make sure not to go too crazy with the dose. A balanced dose should make you feel more optimistic, energized, and focused without making you feel overwhelmed.

Green Malay also carries analgesic effects. This too could make you energized.

Red Maeng Da is another excellent choice in this context. It carries both sedative and analgesic properties.

To sum it up, these kratom strains can make you feel energized and focused without making you feel too excited:

  • Green Malay
  • Indo
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Borneo

Best Kratom For Anxiety

Things are a little different in case of anxiety. The strains that work for depression may make things worse for anxious people. Because during anxiety, your heart is pounding or racing. You’re feeling restless and jittery.

Anything akin to a caffeine rush could double your anxiety and send you into a state of a panic attack.

That’s why you need something to mellow you basically. To help you calm down. To that end, the Red Bali kratom is an excellent choice. It can improve your focus, calm you down, ease your pains; all the while upping your energy levels (without overwhelming you).

As a thumb rule, most red strains and some of the green strains are better suited for anxiety. However, if you really had to pick one particular strain, then try sticking with Green Malay.

It has the perfect balance of energy and focus to offer.

Kratom Dosage for Depression and Anxiety

It’s almost impossible to establish one dosage that works for anyone when it comes to kratom for depression or anxiety. There’s no thumb rule or guidelines. Besides, a lot of variables go into deciding the right dosage for different individuals.

It is going to depend largely on the type and quality of the strain you pick. For best quality strain, you can check out Kratom Crazy – an online kratom store.

Additionally, your body type, weight, height, age, metabolism, tolerance levels, emotional health, physical health, and even expectations – all of it together can control the effectiveness and end results.

Generally speaking, you should avoid going overboard with the dosage. A higher than medium dosage could expose you to the more extreme effects on the spectrum. For example, an imbalance dosage could make you extremely euphoric rather than lifting you. It could also make you sedated rather than calming you down. So, practice caution and care.

To play it safe, you might want to try sticking to these guidelines –

  • If you are a beginner, stick with 2-3 grams.
  • A dose of 4-5 grams constitutes a moderate dose.
  • A strong dosage would be 6-7 grams.
  • Anything beyond 8 grams could lead to unexpected results.

Note: The FDA doesn’t regulate kratom production or distribution. It also issued a warning against sellers that sell it under any kind of medical claims. This is why you’ll see kratom products do not come with any dosage guidelines. You will, therefore, have to safely play around a little to establish the correct dosage that works for you.

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