Senior living communities are one of the most popular and advantageous locations for older adults and elderly people to live their best life and whether you’ve already decided that you would like to move to such a community, or else you’re simply interested at this stage, you have come to the right place.

Here are the different forms of senior living and, importantly, what they can provide for you.

Independent Living

Essentially, independent living communities are locations specifically designed for older adults and elderly people who are more than happy, able, and content to live entirely self-sufficiently yet no longer want to waste their day cleaning and engaging in other necessary household chores.

Independent living communities are a fantastic place for older people to embrace their newly found freedom and to start to focus their days on doing exactly what they want to do and when they want to do it.

Assisted Living

Prominent and established assisted living in La Jolla provides a wide range of treatment and care options, which are all tailormade to suit the individual. Furthermore, detailed care plans are devised and actioned for each and every resident to reflect their own personal changing needs.

From an exciting and action-packed activity calendar to delicious, freshly prepared meals each and every day, assisted living facilities offer their residents a tailor-made care and treatment plan based both on their current needs and their changing needs in the future.

Memory Care

For people who are living with a memory-based illness, such as Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, memory care facilities prove to be an excellent option, both for the resident themselves and their family members.

Benefits of considering taking a loved one who’s living with dementia to a memory care facility include, amongst a wide range of other benefits, the following:

  • Specifically designed programs for each resident with regular care reviews
  • Highly trained and professional caregivers and team members
  • Respite for close family members and the knowledge that their loved one is safe
  • A personalized approach focused on maximizing enjoyment in life

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes, often alternatively referred to as “care homes” are specially designed residential homes where every member is an older person or elderly person who requires some level of care or another.

Alternatively, some nursing and care homes also cater to elderly people who, for whatever individual reason, are no longer happy or capable of living in their own homes and instead would benefit from companionship and care with people of their own age.

Palliative Care

Finally, for those people who are suffering from a terminal illness and are, therefore, requiring round-the-clock care, instead of staying in the hospital or moving back into their home, the third option is for them to be transferred into palliative care.

First and foremost, palliative care is centered around ensuring that each resident is as comfortable and calm as possible and to ensure they live out the remainder of their lives in as pain-free a state as possible.

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