When the doctor announces that a baby has been born in the delivery room, the parents are often anxious to learn if they have delivered a boy or a girl. It is usually just assumed that the child has been born healthy, with no breathing issues or obvious disabilities. After completing one of many premiere respiratory therapy programs Philadelphia, a person is not likely to jump to those kinds of conclusion. Life is a gift and having the ability to breath without issue is something that is appreciated by new and highly experienced respiratory therapists. Here are some of the ways that working in this important field will change your perspective and make you more appreciative of the smallest comforts life has to offer.

Helping People to Get Through Serious Medical Emergencies

Respiratory therapists are active in operating rooms, emergency rooms, and patient recovery rooms. They can be seen walking around outpatient facilities and hospitals, checking on patients who have been able to get off their ventilators and are breathing easier unassisted. After ensuring that a patient has a steady heartbeat, doctors need to work with respiratory therapists to keep a steady flow of oxygen going to the lungs. Sometimes patients regain the ability to breathe on their own after a few minutes, and other situations call for respiratory therapists manually helping the patient to breath so that other medical professionals can intercede.

Seeing Your Patients Flourish

At some point, most hospital patients rushed into a hospital experiencing heart failure or impacted airways will make a recovery. The time it takes for each patient to recover depends on their age, the severity of their injuries, and the experience of the respiratory therapists that attend to them. It’s always great to see someone who was brought into a medical facility completely unresponsive walking around and preparing to be discharged. How will your outlook on life be altered after you see the fruits of your labor?

Getting Back to Your Family Life

After working a shift and clocking out for the day, you have to mentally ‘clock in’ so that you can interact with your family. No matter what you personally saw or experienced in your work day, it is always suggested that you find out what is going on with your loved ones and essentially pick up right where you left off. You will appreciate it when your kids tell you funny jokes or your partner brings you breakfast in bed. As you plan for a fun outing, you will be thankful that all your closest relatives are able to walk, run, and move about without needing to bring along oxygen tanks.

There are only a few vital functions that people need to perform to stay alive. Blinking protects your eyes just as breathing brings oxygen into your airways and lungs. Respiratory therapists understand better than anyone that breathing is essential. After seeing patients turn around and leave emergency care facilities with a smile on their face, you will never take any aspect of life for granted.

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