Gabe Howard is a professional speaker, writer, and activist as well a person living with severe bipolar and anxiety disorders. Diagnosed in 2003, he has made it his mission to put a human face on mental illness, confronting the fear, discrimination, and stigmatization people with mental illness face. Society often sees people living with mental illness at their worst and he works to add a more balanced view to the conversation. Gabe is frequently irreverent, often too loud, and always unpredictable, but anyone who knows him will tell you that life would be so boring without him.

Mental Illness Speaker Gabe Howard

Gabe Howard mental health speaker

Gabe is a brave (not fearless) advocate for those who are living with mental illness. I share that he’s not fearless because he struggles with severe anxiety that makes his work as a public speaker that much more challenging but he will not quit. He is passionate, funny, heartfelt and honest both in real life and online.Dawn, Therapist and Conference Attendee

Gabe Howard is a fierce mental health advocate. He is fearless and unafraid to speak about stigmatized issues within the mental health community. He is compassionate and will always make time to speak to you. He is a leader, he is a role model for young adults and he will undoubtedly change the world for young people living with mental illness.Sarah, Founder Stigma Fighters

Since Gabe Howard was diagnosed, with Bipolar he has done nothing, but work hard to help others. Information that he shares through blogs, Facebook, twitter and speeches. I doubt, there is one waking moment that is dedicated to himself. It’s all about helping people with mental health like myself and others.No one deserves this more than Gabe.Elizabeth, Mental Illness Advocate

The older I get the more I realize sometimes misfortune is set upon us for a reason. Hard to figure, I know, but it is apparent that God has made you the “messenger” to reach out and help others. You are making a difference and what you left behind last night was hope. Thank you.Dodie, Executive Director NAMI Knox Licking County

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