• Award-winning writer, activist and speaker on living with bipolar disorder

    Award-winning writer, activist and speaker on living with bipolar disorder

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Gabe Howard
Welcome! My name is Gabe Howard

I am a mental illness speaker, writer, and activist. Diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders in 2003, I have made it my life's work to change the way society sees people with mental illness, to stop the discrimination, stigma, and fear. Let's start a conversation.




Engaged, inspired audiences. Gabe's interactive style keeps audience members focused and entertained. Attentive audiences will always report a higher satisfaction with events than bored ones.

Life Experiences

Shares real life experiences living with bipolar disorder. Gabe says, "If you're looking for someone to recite definitions from a medical journal, I'm not your guy."


Honest, real, and approachable speaker. Gabe loves interacting with people. He doesn't talk at an audience, he talks with them. He is intelligent, charismatic, and memorable.


Hiring Gabe ensures an audience-speaker connection.

Gabe is open and approachable and makes people feel comfortable enough to ask the difficult questions surrounding mental illness. Gabe believes that it is unasked questions and unheld conversations that lead to negative outcomes.

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  • Gabe is a brave (not fearless) advocate for those who are living with mental illness. I share that he’s not fearless because he struggles with severe anxiety that makes his work as a public speaker that much more challenging but he will not quit. He is passionate, funny, heartfelt and honest both in real life and online. — Dawn, Therapist and Conference Attendee

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